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Choose from 5 different offers as per your trading appetite and win great gifts or cash prizes on trading. Whether you re a newbie or a professional trader, everyone could be a winner.

100% Credit Bonus

  • Double Your Equity
  • Increase Leverage
  • Withdraw Profits
  • Applicable for each deposit

Get 20% Losable Bonus

  • This Bonus can be lost & used as an Additional Margin.
  • Get Bonus of up to 2000$, over and above Your Investment.
  • Take Advantage & trade larger volumes to gain more profit.
  • Offer Valid on a minimum deposit of $1000.
  • Withdraw profits freely.
Offer valid only in india 1st june - 31st August,2022

2022$ Tradable Bonus

  • Any Profits are Withdrawable without Loosing the Bonus
  • Increase your Success by 2022$
  • Applicable for each Deposit
Offer valid from 1 st April – 30 th April

Free Forex VPS service

  • Applicable on opening Live Account with 1000$
  • Suitable for traders using Expert Advisors
  • Ability to run orders with minimal delay
  • Optimal connection speed

Trade & Win Apple Gadgets

  • Open trading account with minimum 3000$ deposit (or above)
  • Complete specific volumes in trading
  • Claim your prizes on completion of volume
Offer valid from 1 St April – 30th June, 2022

Affiliate Program

  • Earn 100$ commission on each referred client
  • IB or an existing client eligible for this program
  • Referred client need to have 3000$
    deposit and complete 30 lots
Offer valid from 1 St April – 30th June, 2022

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